Next generation undergarment for hockey players.

Integrates the sock and jock support into one design that completely secures player shin guards. No more Velcro, tape or garter belts!

    • Made of active compression and moisture wicking material, the SockJock™ allows the greatest freedom for maximum movement, agility and comfort. Nothing beats it!
    • The SockJock™ is simple to wash, nothing to separate or sort, and saves laundry time.
    • Getting dressed to play has never been easier.



As a hockey mom I was so thrilled to have less gear to keep track of, not to mention they are easy to wash …



The SockJock™ was designed to combine your hockey gear into one garment. Its inner-lining allows you to easily slip your pads and cup directly into it and eliminates the need for a garter, hockey socks, or tape.


At game-time, all you have to do is simply place your cup in the built-in pocket, then slip the integrated sock right  over your shin pads.

    • Save  precious time before your early ice time
    • Cut down on the time you spend doing laundry!


The SockJock™ is fully customizable with team colors and logos. The best thing about the sock jock is that it looks good. Customize your pants with a special team color by Simply contacting us directly and place your order so the whole team can look wicked!

Sized for Men, Women and Youth