About Wicked Rags

Headquartered in Chelsea, Michigan, Wicked Rags started out with an idea to design the next generation one piece undergarment that included your garter/shorts, jock strap and integrated socks for hockey athletes of all ages and abilities. The SockJock™ is made of active compression and moisture wicking material, allowing the greatest freedom for maximum movement, agility, and comfort. The SockJock™ is the first one piece under garment to ever be seen by the hockey world.


Founded in 2011 by former First Team All-State hockey player Travis Amburgey, he played out east for the New Hampshire Monarchs and New Jersey Hitmen. Upon his graduation from Albion College in 2011 he knew that he wanted to start a company that was dedicated to making all hockey athletes better through the pursuit of innovation.


Wicked Rags SockJock™ was awarded U.S. Patent #8,973,168

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